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Migraine and Chronic Migraine - Causes

Why do People get migraines? Migraines Headaches are a bit of mystery but researchers have outlined possible causes without definitive explanation. The causes include an underlying central nervous disease that may set off a migraine experience when triggered. Variations in the brain's blood vessel system, or vascular system, may create migraines. A genetic predisposition may create migraines and Abnormalities of brain chemicals plus the nerve pathways may induce migraine episodes. Most of the people asked about what can trigger a migraine?

Unfortunately, Scientist has not yet explained any cause but the best way to avoiding it is by avoiding what start them and the most common migraine triggers include salty food or excessive use of aged food like cheese and salami, may cause migraine headaches. Highly processed foods can also trigger a migraine. Skipping meals also causes migraines and the people going through migraines shouldn't skip meals or fast unless it's done under a doctor's supervision. The use of alcohol and caffeine also causes such type of headaches. The flashing lights, loud-mouthed noises, or powerful smells, may set off a migraine headache; spotlights, bright sun, fragrance, paint, and cigarette smoke, are all common triggers to use Acupuncture clinic.

In the case of women, Hormone changes are a common migraine trigger for women. Many women report forming migraine headaches right before or even during their period. Other states that hormone-induced migraines during pregnancy or menopause are because estrogen levels increase during this time and can increase a migraine episode. The use of different medication like birth control and hormone replacement therapies also cause migraine.

However, in some cases, these medications can decrease a woman's migraine headaches. If you are facing mental stress and anxiety due to your Homelife and work-life then it can damage your mind and body if you can't control it effectively. Don't use any medicine without Doctor Guidance and contact Acupuncture clinic for a free initial consultation.